The influx of DIY cleaning solutions and tips usually accompanies the twitter of birds announcing spring’s arrival. We know that sifting through the duds to locate the gold nuggets can drive even the most dedicated of clean freaks right back to the supermarket detergent aisle however, which is why the team at House and Hammer have compiled this list of tried and tested techniques.

A lot greener, cheaper, and more effective than their store-bought counterparts, these DIY tricks will have you swinging from your chandeliers (or light fixtures if you live in the suburbs).

3 Spring-Essential DIY Cleaning Tips for Home-Owners

  1. The Better Oxy Cleaner: Mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of super washing soda, and one cup of hot water. Soak your laundry in this mixture overnight to remove impossible stains. This DIY cleaning product is most effective when fresh, so attempts at storing are not advised.
  2. Carpet Stain Remover: Mix equal parts ammonia and hot water and mix. Pour the carpet cleaner concoction over the stain and cover with a clean white towel. Lastly, iron the towel on top of the stain and voila – watch the stain instantly lift from the rug (steam cleaners can also be used as a substitute for an iron).
  3. Remove Armpit Stains: A very handy DIY cleaning trick for those sweat-stained shirts you love and wear so much, mix one part dawn and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Pour the mixture over the stain and leave to rest for approximately one hour before scrubbing lightly and washing thoroughly. Add baking powder as desired.

Like the incessant sneezing that occurs when your nose encounters an overdose of pollen, the reflex to pull out a broom and start your spring cleaning ritual during the countdown to the warm summer months is inevitable. Get your DIY on this spring with these incredibly simple cleaning solutions. Your bank account will see a return on your time-spent investment.

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